Mocom Tethys T45



Make: Mocom

Model: Tethys T45

Warranty: 2 years

Undercounter washer disinfector


Control system:  Electronic with microprocessor

Available programs: 15 (including 6 personalizable)

Instrumentation:  Digital display with “soft-touch” keyboard

In-chamber temperature: From room temperature up to 95°C

Temperature sensors (2x): Resistance thermometers PT 1000 cl. B (IEC 60751)

Dosing systems for detergent and neutralizer: Peristaltic pumps

Detergent and neutralizer level sensors: Yes

Door locking system: Yes, electromagnetic with automatic opening

Traceability: Data storage on last 100 programs carried out

RS232 serial port: Yes (to connect to PC and printer)

Cycle archive: Yes, with dedicated program

Washing chamber material: AISI 316L stainless steel

Outside panels: AISI 304 stainless steel

Drying system: Thermal

Pre-filter: NO

HEPA filter: NO

Water supply: Normal cold water supply (1,5 – 5 bar)

Built-in water softener: Yes, automatic volumetric regeneration (up to 60°F)

Steam condenser: High-efficiency ECO SLIM system

Water heater power: 3,0 kW

External dimensions (W x D x H): 450x620x850 (830*) mm

Chamber dimensions (W x D x H): 380x480x590 mm

Weight 50 kg

Voltage and rated power: 1/N/PE 230V ~50Hz

Noise level: < 50 dB(A)


To ensure the required standard of safety and efficiency, each step takes time, dedication and
scrupulous attention.

Without doubt, the answer to obtaining the best results with least effort is provided by the latest
series of Tethys washer-disinfectors. These completely automatic devices guarantee perfect
cleaning of instruments and the highest standard of disinfection, while ensuring at the same
time complete protection for operators and the elimination of any possible procedural errors.

Designed and constructed to best meet the needs of a market that is ever more mature and
aware, Tethys washer-disinfectors represent a perfect synthesis of reliability, user-friendliness,
leading-edge features and absolutely no loss of performance over time.


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