Cattani AC400



Make: Cattani

Model: AC400

Warranty: 5 years


No. of Surgeries: 6-8 surgerys

No. of Cylinders: 2 cylinder tandem

No. of Dryers: 2 dryers

Output power: 1- or 3- 2x 50Hz-1.5kW-10.2A

Produced air: 320N l/min (pressure at 5 real bar)

Air Tank Volume:  100 litres

Noise level: 73dB(A)

Dimensions: W1155 D550 H745 (mm)

Net Weight: 112kg

Gross Weight: 134kg


Standard specifications of all oil-less compressors

All CATTANI/ESAM compressors are oil-less and equipped with 4 filters, which guarantee high-quality pure dry compressed air.

On demand the antibacterial filter HEPA H14 can be fitted to all models.

Tanks are coated with alimentary resin for a good conservation of the air. • The asyncronous motors are manufactured according to IEC – EN – 60034 regulations – 1 (2006-5) and UL 1004 for North America.

The noise-reducing plastic cover reduces the sound pressure level from 4 to 9 dB (A), according to the compressor model.

The horizontal 1, 2 and 3 cylinder compressors have replaced the same compressors in vertical version.

Sound pressure level tested according to ISO regulation 3746 -1979 (E).

Parameters: d=1.5 – background noise < 38 dB (A) – instrument: Brüel & Kjær type 2232.


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