Bambi VT300



Make: Bambi

Model: VT300


Oil-Free Air compressor from Bambi’s VT Range

• Air Displacement: 350 L/min
• Dimensions: 78 x 115 x 42 (H x W x D)
• Weight: 75kg
• Receiver: 100 Litres
• Voltage: 240v or 110v
• Pressure: 8 Bar
• Motor: 3.0 HP
• Noise (dBA): 76 dBA

The entire VT range from Bambi was created with efficiency, reliability and low-maintenance in mind. The machines are fuelled by a Vee Twin pump unit that has the big advantage of being the quietest currently available on the market. This is supported by the tilting piston cutting-edge technology.

Critical applications are now more reliable and functional thanks to the powerful VT300. The machine suits a wide array of functions that range from drink dispensing and food packing to scientific laboratories, dentistry, hospital ventilators, and pneumatic controls. The key feature of the oil-free compressor is low maintenance.

The VT300 comprises novel tech features that include a soft start solenoid valve which releases the pressure in the pump every time the power switches off. This comes with two great benefits: the compressor is protected from frequent overloads and the service life is significantly extended. The high-quality, contamination-free air is possible thanks to the internally coated, anti-corrosion receivers that add value to the machine and perform flawlessly.

The new and highly-efficient Air Dryer unit ensures desert dry air with each use. This is owed to the intercooler assisted by a multi-row fan which ensures the air temperature is drastically reduced before this enters the dryer. As a result, the coalescing filter gathers and eliminates water drops as small as 0.01 microns.

The dryer is made out of high-quality stainless steel that has self-regenerating capabilities and requires zero maintenance. Since 99% of the moisture is discarded, the desiccant adsorption system can power the dryness down. The integrated HE dust filter eliminates any remaining dust particles.


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