Bambi VT250D



Make: Bambi

Model: VT250D


Oil-Free Air compressor from Bambi’s VT Range

• Air Displacement: 300 L/min
• Dimensions: 82 x 66 x 57 (H x W x D)
• Weight: 84kg
• Receiver: 59 Litres
• Voltage: 240v or 110v
• Pressure: 8 Bar
• Motor: 2.5 HP
• Noise (dBA): 72 dBA

The VT range by Bambi offers a wide selection of machines that draw their power and efficiency from the Vee Twin pump. The tilting piston technology behind the pump ensures the lowest noise levels among all oil-free compressors currently available on the market.

The VT250D is highly-functioning and reliable, able to meet expectations in a wide array of fields that range from laboratories, dentistry, and hospitals to drink dispensing and food packaging.

The air compressor was created with low maintenance in mind. It comprises an impressive feat of technical novelties, including a soft start solenoid valve which releases the air pressure within the pump each time the power switches off. As a result, the compressor is not worn off by overloads and the service life is extended. The machine guarantees to produce clean, contamination-free air thanks to the internally coated, anti-corrosion air receivers.

Another note-worthy innovative feature is the Air Dryer unit that was designed to offer desert dry air with each use. With the help of a multi-row fan intercooler, the unit decreases the temperature of the air before this enters the dryer. As a result, the integral coalescing filter can easily gather and eliminate water drops that are as small as 0.01 microns. This process ensures that 99% of the moisture is eliminated prior to the desiccant adsorption system powering the dryness down.

The dryer is made out of stainless-steel and has the ability to self-regenerate after each compressor cycle. In addition, it requires zero regular maintenance. Any remaining dust particles are removed by the downstream HE filter.


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